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In Depth Intuitive Reading

As we walk through our lives we encounter things we do not understand or have questions about.  As you meet with myself and my guides, in a confidential setting, you can ask your questions about love, career, family, money, past loved ones and spirit guides only to name a few.  (Added bonus is a gentle energy healing during session)


We enjoy working with children too.  There is a gentleness in the energy and  a level of explanation that reaches them so they are comfortable and can understand.  Their questions are answered in a fun and engaging way.

These sessions can be in person, by Zoom or by phone.

One hour $135.00


1:1 Coaching Mentoring Sessions


Are you wanting to work on your blocks to success, family issues, your gifts, develop your life path?

This 6 week course is a guide to connect you back to your inner wisdom and guidance.  Do you want to feel balanced, energized, inspired .........?  

 15 minute consultation call - Let's just chat!  You may not know what you want to ask? We can figure that out together! The first step to change is making the call! 

We can schedule a customized weekly session that will support you on your journey.

6 Prepaid  One hour sessions:

$810.00 or if paid in one instalment $720.00 save $90

payment plans available

Accept Cash, etransfer, credit card


Our Readings 

Something for Everyone

Soul Path Career Reading

Introducing the Soul Path Career Reading – a focused, 30-minute session designed exclusively for those seeking clarity about their life’s purpose and direction. This online-only reading is tailored to help you understand and harness your unique talents, guiding you toward a fulfilling career that aligns with your innermost aspirations.

What We Explore:

Life's Purpose: Delve deep into the core of what drives you, uncovering your true calling and the paths that will lead you to fulfilment.

Creative Output: Gain insights into your creative energies and how you can best express them in your professional life.

Contribution to the World: Explore the impact you are destined to have on the world, and how you can make meaningful contributions through your work.

Session Details:

Duration: 30 minutes

Mode: Online (via a secure platform)

Price: $80

Whether you’re at a career crossroads, looking to pivot into a role that feels more ‘you’, or simply seeking to understand how your work can better reflect your values and passions, the Soul Path Career Reading offers valuable insights that can steer you in the right direction.


Soul Connection Relationship Reading

Introducing the Soul Connection Relationship Reading – a specialized, 30-minute session aimed at enhancing your understanding and dynamics within all types of relationships, including friendships, intimate partnerships, and family bonds. This online-only reading is designed to delve into the profound connections you share with the people in your life, offering insights into how these relationships reflect and influence your soul's journey.What We Explore:

All Relationships: Whether it's the bond with a close friend, a family member, or a partner, we explore the unique dynamics of each relationship.

Deeper Insights: Understand the deeper spiritual, emotional, and psychological facets of your relationships and how they contribute to your personal growth.

Harmonizing Connections: Learn how to enhance harmony, address challenges, and foster meaningful interactions in every relationship you cherish.

Session Details:

Duration: 30 minutes

Mode: Online (via a secure platform)

Price: $80

Whether you're seeking to deepen existing relationships, heal old wounds, or better understand the role your connections play in your life’s purpose, the Soul Connection Relationship Reading provides tailored insights that can guide you toward more fulfilling interactions.


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Soul's Dream Future Aspirations Reading

Introducing the Soul's Dream Future Aspirations Reading — a focused, 30-minute session dedicated to uncovering and nurturing your deepest desires and dreams for the future. This online-only reading is tailored to help you explore the aspirations that resonate with your soul, providing guidance and insights to align your path with your ultimate life goals.What We Explore:

Future Dreams: Dive deep into your personal aspirations, uncovering what truly drives and excites you.

Path Alignment: Learn how to align your current path with your future goals, ensuring every step you take brings you closer to realizing your dreams.

Manifesting Success: Gain practical advice and spiritual insight into how to effectively manifest the aspirations that align with your soul’s purpose.

Session Details:

Duration: 30 minutes

Mode: Online (via a secure platform)

Price: $80

Whether you’re looking to make significant changes, aim for new achievements, or simply find direction towards a more fulfilling life, the Soul's Dream Future Aspirations Reading offers the clarity and motivation you need to proceed with confidence.


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In Depth Soul Reading

Unlock the full potential of your life's journey with our comprehensive In-Depth Soul's Reading. This 75-minute session is designed to delve deeply into three key areas of your life, providing holistic insights and guidance to help you navigate your path with clarity and purpose.

What We Explore:

  1. Soul Path Career Insight:

    • Life's Purpose: Discover what drives you and uncover your true calling.

    • Creative Output: Learn how to best express your talents in your professional life.

    • World Contribution: Understand how you can make a meaningful impact through your work.

  2. Soul Connection Relationship Insight:

    • All Relationships: Gain deeper understanding of your relationships with friends, intimate partners, and family.

    • Spiritual Dynamics: Explore the spiritual, emotional, and psychological facets of your connections.

    • Harmonizing Bonds: Receive guidance on enhancing harmony and resolving challenges in your relationships.

  3. Soul's Dream Future Aspirations Insight:

    • Future Dreams: Dive into your personal aspirations and what excites you about the future.

    • Path Alignment: Align your current path with your future goals for a more fulfilling life.

    • Manifesting Success: Get practical advice and spiritual insight on manifesting your deepest desires.

Session Details:

  • Duration: 75 minutes

  • Mode: Online (via a secure platform) or In Person 

  • Price: $180

This in-depth reading offers a comprehensive exploration of your career, relationships, and future aspirations, all in one powerful session. It's perfect for those looking to gain a holistic view of their life's journey and make informed, soulful decisions.

Book your In-Depth Soul's Reading today and embark on a transformative journey towards clarity, connection, and fulfillment

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