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Healing using the chakras and assessing multiple layers of consciousness for balance and healing. Aids in healing deeper physical and emotional  issues. 

In person (currently unavailable due to covid) or Long distance

One hour $125.00



is a gentle non invasive form of healing.  This universal energy flows to aid the body in stress relief, healing and rebalancing.  Just relax as the energy works with your body.

In person (not currently available due to covid)  or Long distance.

30 mins      $65.00

One hour    $125.00


Reflexology is a natural healing art that works on the reflexes of the feet.  The feet are a map of the entire body that corresponds to organs and areas of the body.

A treatment brings the body back to a place of balance and healing.

One hour   $125.00

(currently unavailable due to covid)


We love our pets, dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, lizards, ferrets ......  They help us with our healing everyday.  They are all sensitive beings that need healing as well.  Reiki can help them balance and heal.  Our pets respond to situations around them and hold these feelings in the their physical bodies and this can come out in their behaviours and emotions. After surgery reiki can help them heal. 

In person at my office

(currently unavailable due to covid) or

Long distance (I will need a current picture with at least one eye visible)

30 mins $65.00

60 mins  $125.00

I can come to you!

In person at your place

30 mins   $65.00

60 mins    $125.00

Additional travel fees applied.