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Dog in Nature

Animal Communication



The world we live in is influenced by  animals, sometimes seen and

unseen.  We watch the birds, hear the sounds and songs of the forest. We invite pets into our lives.  It touches our hearts, calms our minds, and takes us to a different place.  They have voices.  As I ask permission and work with my guides their voices become clearer as we listen. I have always had a special connection with this world.  Let me share with you what they are saying and their perspective. 

Pet's seem to have the closest contact with our hearts and bring us joy and support each and everyday! 

Do you want to see the world through your pet's eyes?

Ask them questions and find out how they feel about you, their surroundings?

Dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, lizards...   

In person at my office or by Zoom 

Long distance (I will need a current picture with at least one eye visible)

30 mins $70.00

60 mins  $135.00

I can come to you!

In person at your place

30 mins   $70.00

60 mins    $135.00

Additional travel fees applied.

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