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Spring Awakening- 4 week Online Course

Welcome to "Spring Awakening," a transformative 4-week connection and meditation class designed to help you release the remnants of winter and refresh your spirit just in time for spring. As nature blooms and awakens, so too can our inner landscapes mirror this renewal. Through guided meditations, connection exercises, and reflective practices, this course aims to foster deep personal growth, healing, and rejuvenation. By aligning our final session with the Spring Solstice, we symbolically embrace the new light and energy of the coming season, ready to leap forward with clarity, purpose, and harmony.

Weekly Themes & Outline:

Week 1: Thawing the Ice

  • Mini Theme: Awakening from Winter’s Slumber

  • Focus: We begin our journey by gently acknowledging and releasing the cold, stagnant energy of winter. This week is about thawing the ice within our hearts and minds, allowing emotions and thoughts that were perhaps frozen or buried to surface and be seen with compassion.

  • Activities: Guided meditation focusing on warming and softening the heart space, journaling exercises to reflect on the past season, and gentle movement practices to awaken the body.

Week 2: Planting Seeds of Intention

  • Mini Theme: Cultivating New Beginnings

  • Focus: With the ground thawed, we now plant seeds of intention for the season ahead. This week emphasizes clarity and intention-setting, focusing on what we wish to cultivate and grow in our lives.

  • Activities: Visualization and guided meditation to envision the blossoming of our intentions, intention-setting rituals, and creating a vision board or intention journal for the spring.

Week 3: Nurturing Growth

  • Mini Theme: Fostering Resilience and Strength

  • Focus: As our seeds begin to sprout, we learn the importance of nurturing and protection. This week, we focus on practices that foster resilience, strength, and growth, ensuring our intentions have the support needed to flourish.

  • Activities: Guided meditations on resilience and growth, practices for emotional and physical strengthening, and group discussions on overcoming obstacles.

Week 4: Blossoming into Spring

  • Mini Theme: Celebrating Renewal and Rebirth

  • Focus: Aligned with the Spring Solstice, our final week is a celebration of renewal, rebirth, and the vibrant energy of spring. We embrace the blossoming of our inner selves, reflecting on our journey and the growth we’ve experienced.

  • Activities: Solstice celebration with a special meditation and ritual to honor the equinox, sharing circles to reflect on personal journeys, and setting forth with practices to maintain our spring energy.

Course Features:

  • Guided Meditations: Each week features themed meditations designed to deepen your connection to self and the seasonal energies.

  • Interactive Exercises: Engage in activities that promote self-reflection, growth, and connection, including journaling, visualization, and group discussions.

  • Supportive Community: Journey alongside a community of like-minded individuals, offering support and sharing insights as you navigate your path to renewal.

"Spring Awakening" is more than just a class; it's an opportunity to deeply connect with the rhythms of nature and your own inner evolution. As you step into spring, you will carry with you the insights, practices, and connections made during this transformative 4-week journey, ready to bloom with the season.

We meet Thursdays Online 7:00 p.m. - 8:15 p.m. 

February 29 - March 21 (Spring Equinox)

Journeying to Higher Love InPerson EVENT - Downtown Collingwood

QuE (short for Quantum Expansion) is a personal empowerment and co-creative technique that harnesses the Source-energy all around and within every human with the intention to create specific experiences of well-being, prosperity and spiritual connection.  

We couple this meditation with restorative YOGA and deep reiki and Ho Shin healing. PLUS a channeled message from Paula and Susan's Guides and an opportunity to ask a question to the their panel. 
Internal Energy Clearing for connection to authentic self.

Offered Sunday February 25

                Friday March 14

                Sunday March 24

7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. 


Akashic Records- Online Workshop

Join us for a full day online workshop.  

Dive Deep into the Akashic Records

Have you ever wanted to access the profound wisdom of the Akashic Records?

Here's what one of our participants had to say about the last workshop:

"I had the pleasure of taking Susan’s Akashic Record class and was absolutely blown away. The clarity that Susan brings, allowing us to read the records for ourselves, is nothing short of miraculous. Her unique connections to the Akashic realms offer unparalleled insight into what we're seeing and learning. With guidance from her spirit guides, Susan offers direction and affirmation that boosts confidence in our own abilities. If you're considering this, I highly recommend Susan's Akashic Record class. I eagerly await the next session. Hurry, Susan - we're all waiting!"

— Corinne Russell

Offered Sunday March 17

9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

Investment- $150.00

Online Class 

Upcoming Events

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Navigating Signs from the Departed

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Or are you receiving signs, and want to learn what they are and how to use them?

I'm excited to offer this workshop - Connecting Beyond

Explore the realm beyond with this workshop designed to help you decipher and embrace the signs from those who have passed and your guides and the universe.


Gain insights into recognizing and harnessing these meaningful cues, guiding you towards a deeper connection and understanding.


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Workshops, Courses and Classes 

Step into the enriching world of Susan's Intuitive Workshops and Courses, where the realms of intuition and self-discovery intertwine, offering you a guided exploration into unlocking your inner potential and navigating life's intricacies with newfound clarity.

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